Accessories necessary for creating videos with your DSLR camera

Accessories necessary for creating videos with your DSLR camera

Even though professional videos are usually created by video cameras, creating footage of high quality and in HD resolution is also possible with digital SLR cameras. Even video production company owners and employees often use DSLR cameras for filming, but you must know that creating a high-quality video cannot be made without some additional equipment. A sturdy tripod – we all know that camera shake is harmful for the sharpness of photos, but it is not different with video material. Video setting should be well lit and set up, but it is not worth at all if you create a video that is shaky. This is why you need a high quality tripod, preferably with a fluid head, because they move more smoothly.

Big and high quality memory cards – HD videos take a lot of memory, so do not even think of starting shooting without supplying yourself with memory cards that have plenty of space and belong to a high class. Choose class 10 cards, because they are quicker in recording the data, but also in transferring it onto a computer.

0110Audio recorder or microphone – even though DSLR camera can capture high quality videos, they are miserable in capturing sound. If you plan on filming professionally or semi-professionally with your DSLR camera, a high quality shotgun microphone or an audio recorder should be one of your first large investments. Video editing software – even if you plan to shoot simple videos containing of one frame and several seconds, you cannot do it without video editing software. In the beginning you can use it only for video conversion or adding sound, but as time goes by, you will see that the number of option s ahead of you is limitless and that you can create a variety of videos with good software.

Screen loupe – it is not an essential piece of the equipment, but it can make your shooting more comfortable and easier, because it can provide a large help with viewing, composing and focusing your subject.

Neutral density filter – it is a great tool that allows you control the shutter speed, because if you set it up to be too fast in too bright surrounding, your footage may turn out to look unnatural. It also allows you to use wider aperture in such situations, if you want to achieve more shallow depth of field.
For advanced shooters

Rails – if you take steady shots, a tripod will do the work. But if you plan to make videos that include camera movement, that can be the trickiest part of filming. If you plan to dedicate to filming more seriously, investing in a set of rails can solve the problem of camera movement.

Shoulder rig – this is an advanced option for moving the camera, since the rails pose certain limitations. It gives you the opportunity of holding and moving the camera yourself, but with the necessary stability for creating footage without shaking.
Follow focus – focusing is a difficult task when you create footage with a DSLR, which is why you can add follow focus onto your lens and help solve this problem.

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Tech and games you want to know about

Tech and games you want to know about

What do gamers want from new games is a question that can’t be simply answered. But in general gamers want new things in their games. Better graphics, better world immersion and new ways of playing and so on. Here at Lem Niscate Inc you will find news about each of those aspects. Everything that makes gamers happy will be here as soon as it comes out of the labs.


This blog will be updated regularly, and all videos will be edited by a video production company we have been able to sign a deal with.

Now, for this article, we will venture into the world of gaming technologies and see what we can expect in near future.

thumb_320_533fc1b858ffc_533fc1b85a1b8First technology we are very excited about is Project Flare by Square Enix. This technology is still in early demo stage, but if it turns out to work then the players will be able to play games that have over 17 times Skyrim of playable area. And when you remember how much area that you can venture through Skyrim has (including all instances you walk in like caves and Reach and so on), then it really shows you what this technology might do.

This technology might bring maps that are 32 by 32 kilometers in size, and there would be no lag for players because all graphic processing is done in cloud. In fact this technology is based on cloud, and if it works players will be able to play along hundreds of other players, and it would require no loading times or anything that would chop the game in multiple pieces (like constant loading of new areas).
Age of virtual reality in gaming is drawing close, and pilgrims of that are Oculus VR and Project Morpheus by Sony. Both of these technologies are made to change the world of gaming and increase immersion in the game.
762Many people have forgotten about Oculus VR once it was bought by Facebook for over 2 billion dollars. If you gather all news about Oculus VR you will see that Oculus VR went to the wrong owner, and its future is placed on a path apart from conventional gaming which disappointed many gamers. Right now many eyes are turned towards Sony and their Project Morpheus. It is progressing on steady pace and we all hope that in few years we will be able to play games while being totally immersed in them.
Sentry Eye Tracker is another interesting technology worth keeping an eye for. This technology is being developed by two parties, SteelSeries and Tobii and it should let the player control the game with his eye movement. In theory once a player looks at a target the crosshair in the game will follow the movement of his eyes locking on the target if the player is watching at it.

All of these technologies are promising and we will keep track of them as well as many other interesting technologies like Control VR.

Games that are packed with new technologies (like No Mans Sky) will be also something we will inform all the readers about.
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